Not surprisingly our obsession with daily ritual extends to the act of bathing. We love any excuse to pop a few drops
of oil or a bath treatment in the tub and let the steam work its magic. We’ve collected a few bathrooms that inspire us
to create that moment of relaxation to rejuvenate tired minds and bodies. Whether its Japanese inspired sunken
baths, Swedish sauna-esque wood panelled rooms, to beautiful moulded tubs these luxurious bathing spaces are the
epitome of escapism and relaxation.

A collection of bathroom inspirations by Addition Studio

Akasha Wellbeing Centre at Cafe Royal

We’re obsessed with the dreamy spaces of the Akasha Wellbeing Centre which are the perfect combination of sci-fi
film set meets traditional turkish hammam or swedish sauna. Designed as an urban retreat inside the historic Cafe
Royal by David Chipperfield Architects it features a glamorous yet holistic experience with its large lap pool and four
areas correcting to the elements: spa/water, gym/fire, yoga/air and organic bar/earth.

Berg House, Tokyo, Japan

This bathroom in the Berg House by Kengo Kuma and Associates is a private Japanese bathhouse dream. The slatted
wood panelling with its beautiful shadow effect and the luxurious wooden tub inspire us to recreate the Japanese
bathing tradition at home.

Horai Onsen Bath House

Another one from Kengo Kuma and Associates is the Horai Onsen Bath House. It is a semi outdoor bathing
experience where the dressing room, wash basin and wooden bathtub are lined up horizontally on a narrow strip of
land floating hallway up a cliff. We love the refined simplicity of the structure and the inspiration to get soaking in

Urban Contemporary Bathroom

 We love this urban minimalist bathroom design by freelance architect and interior designer Eleni Psyllaki. The
atrium and gridded tiles create a utopian aesthetic. The element of foliage adds to the overall mood of relaxation and
rejuvenation of this space.

Gota Dam Residence

The amazing cast concrete sink in the Gota Dam Residence by Sforza Seilern Architects. We’d love to pair it with this
lovely round concrete tub where we can envision spending hours soaking with a view. 

Carine T

Another great one is Carine Roitfeld’s renovated bathroom in her parisian apartment by David Chipperfield
Architects. The beautiful marble floors are beautifully paired with elegant slatted timber detailing.