Photography Clement Chapillon

As a brand, we believe in always doing better.

Being aware of the direction we are heading and the community that we are supported by, furthers our drive to take
each step with purpose. 

That’s why we are proud to partner with One Tree Planted that plants a tree for every sale.

Photography by Antonio Schubert

Why Trees?

Trees are like the vacuums of our planet, they absorb the harmful pollutants and gasses and release clean oxygen for
us to breathe. They stabilise our climate, play a key role in capturing rain water, and provide habitat for over 80% of
the world’s biodiversity.

It’s hard to overlook that the simple act of planting one tree plays such a vital role to our earth.

Photography by Antonio Schubert

Where will we plant trees?

With a focus on Australia and preserving and protecting the unique biodiversity that our country offers, we will be
putting funds and efforts here as well as to other countries in current need of a bit more green.

We know that businesses shape the world, so with this effort we hope to contribute to making our earth healthier and
happier for all.

Photography by Maureen M. Evans

One Tree Planted for Every Online Sale