We ask Kate Dalton, Clinical Naturopath, Nutritionist + Founder of Mayde Tea for some Immunity advice and her top
tips for Winter eating and lifestyle, along with a winning recipe for a clearing Face Steam using our Upper Oil.


Make breakfast a non-negotiable: 

Eat a nutrient-dense breakfast high in protein before 9am, as this helps to normalise cortisol levels. 

Eat intuitively: 

This means- regular meals, and when you’re hungry.

Reduce dietary stimulants:

Reduce things like coffee from your diet and replace with a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea (something like Mayde
Tea Energise). Drinking caffeine initiates the release of cortisol (our stress hormone). This inhibits the body’s ability
to fight off infection.  

Consume a diet high in antioxidants:

Eating a variety of organic fruits and vegetables will ensure an antioxidant-rich diet. Antioxidants are involved in the
activation of cells that are a part of the immune response. 



Exercise has been found in numerous studies to help boost the immune system and fight off infections by increasing
blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Prioritise sleep:

Refrain from doing high intensity exercise within one hour of bedtime. Turn off all devices such as phones and
laptops at least 30 minutes before hopping into bed as this can disrupt our sleep hormone- melatonin. Dim the lights
and make a ritual of having a calming tea at this time (Serenity by Mayde Tea has been formulated to gently induce
sleep!) Have a regular sleep time and try to wake at the same time every day.


Practice mindfulness meditation and deep breathing daily.

Sun exposure:

Aim for 20 minutes of sunlight in the early morning to improve vitamin D status, which is largely involved in immune
function. The best part of your body to receive the sunlight is on your thighs and lower arms.

Time out:

Schedule in time out for you, every single day for 20 minutes- listen to a podcast, take a relaxing bath, read a book or
anything else that helps to keep you relaxed, mindful and grounded. I’ve created a playlist to help unwind here.

Herbal face steam recipe

We sometimes intuitively inhale steam (say from a cup of tea) when we feel congested. This is because it provides
temporary relief. Depending on the ingredients of the tea, this may have had additional benefits such as this
following recipe, being both antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.


1TBSP each of thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, peppermint leaf and/or lavender flowers. 

3-5 drops of Addition Studio Upper essential oil


Heat about an inch of water in a large pot/saucepan.

Once boiled, place on top of a heat-proof surface and add in the herbs and essential oil. Stir, and cover for 1-2

Remove the lid and carefully lower your face towards the steam, slowly, being mindful of the heat of the steam. Cover
your head with a towel, as to make a little tent over you and the pot and breathe in the steam for up to 10 minutes. 

Discard of the herbs in your garden or compost bin.

*the above recipe is not recommended for children or pregnant women.