It’s bath season, so to speak.

As soon as the weather started cooling down we found ourselves cancelling plans to hop in the bath to thaw out. No
more sunset swims; this is the new end to the day.

We have to say it’s our favourite when it comes to a good old fashioned, warm up. 

We think the perfect bath goes a little something like this…

  • Set the mood. Light a candle, incense or oil burner. Or if you’re feeling a little extra, do all three! Pop on our Bath
    Playlist. Turn off the lights.
  • Get that water running + pour in roughly 1 sachet of Australian Native Bath Soak (let’s be honest we free pour!)
    plus a couple of drops of Lavender Oil or Downer.
  • Add a few pumps of the Osmosis Hand and Body Wash for bubbles, if that’s your jam…
  • While the water’s running, Start off with an invigorating Australian Native Body Scrub to get rid of all that dry
    winter skin. Work the scrub in circular motions, and get all Wim Hof. Take a quick, refreshing cold shower and
    hop into the warm bath.
  • Breathe deeply to inhale all the grounding essential oils and exhale any bodily tension. 
  • Once you’re well soaked, dry off and apply the Australian Native Clay Mask and make a hot cup of tea! Our pick is
    Mayde Tea – Restore.
  • Lay back and apply the Eye Pad infused with calming Lavender oil. 

Image left: Portuguese architect Manuel Aires Mateus of Silent Living.
Image right: Bodhi Store