Michaela Taylor is a long-time member of the extended Addition Studio family. Michaela is a Sydney-based
photographer who creates a lot of the images featured across our website & Instagram page. We love her clean,
minimal approach to photography and styling, plus her images are always appropriately sun-drenched with plenty of
dreamy shadows, just the way we like it!

We have a quick chat to Michaela about what influences her images and her favourite home rituals.  

Where do you feel most inspired?

I have always felt most inspired in nature. Being in lockdown has reminded me of the importance of stripping life
back to basics. 
Spending less time behind a screen and more time being present, active, enjoying fresh air and sunshine. 

Where do you source inspiration for your work?

Considering my previous answer, it should be no surprise that my inspiration is heavily influenced by elements of
Warm natural light, the shadows of leaves, organic textures of stones and the gentle curves formed in bodies of water
– just to name a few.
Minimalism also reflects very strongly in my work. I firmly believe that less is always more.

Do you have any home or personal rituals to help unwind?

Burning Palo Santo in the evenings while indulging in a few chapters of reading has been a welcome addition to my
personal routine during lockdown. 
Allowing myself to slow down, switch off from work and unwind in the evenings has also done wonders for my
mental health and sleep. 

Do you have any favourite Addition Studio pieces?

Tough question, but I would have to say the Sphere Incense Burner. 
The reversible design is truly ingenious. The perfect balance of function, and form.
It is the ultimate sculptural statement piece. 
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