To celebrate the release of our new Plant Based Selfcare range we chat to our campaign photographer Isabel Sasse.
Isabel is one of our favourite photographers based in our home town of Byron Bay and we love her black and white
images that beautifully intertwine nature with the female form. Addition asked Isabel about her everyday rituals,
inspiration sources, favourite scents and to share a high on rotation playlist that helps get her in the zone.

Do you have any morning rituals to set you up for the day?

Finding the balance between movement and stillness is a non-negotiable. Often, that looks like heading into the
ocean at dawn (which at the moment is reminiscent of an ice bath, so breath work is heavily involved to awaken all
areas of my mind and body) or I love an early morning run along the coastline. Anything that offers a form of
cathartic release. This is followed by either tea ceremony and meditation for an hour in silence at home, or a few
bowls of matcha infused with collagen in the morning sun before tending to the day ahead. I stand by the philosophy
of turning routine into ritual— There has to be space held for ourselves, before we can hold space for others.

What inspires you in your work?

Depth & the human form. Anything that has the ability to hit that deeper, core part within me.

Favourite place/time to shoot and why?

Near the ocean at dusk or around dark rocks and caves. There’s something poetic in how the light falls in those

Your favourite scents?

Think cardamom, sandalwood, oudh, saffron. Anything with smokey undertones and spice. I’ve always been intrigued
with how our particular sense of smell and our own unique ‘scent’ is informed by our experiences and continually re-
shaped by our memories.

Can you share with us a playlist you listen to when getting in the editing zone or shooting?

I’ve made a special playlist called SURRENDER – On Spotify for Addition Studio.