We chat with Natalie Lesser, a Holistic Skin Therapist based in Byron Bay.

Nat is a big advocate for clean beauty, plant based self care and the importance of home rituals.
We love Nat’s refreshingly simplistic and ‘less is more’ approach to skincare, a world we are often overwhelmed by,
with so many options and different products on the market.
We ask Nat to share with us her daily skin rituals, clay mask formula & some skin tips and tricks for the ultimate all
year round glow.

What order does face oil go in the skincare routine and why?

Face oils are super versatile depending on what your skin needs are, you can use a treatment oil in the morning
and/or evening. Personally I absolutely love wearing an oil to bed – this really allows the oil to treat your skin while
you sleep and your body is naturally in repair mode.

What is the best way to apply a face oil for best results?

Oils are best used as your hydrating product, post cleansing and either on their own or under a moisturiser for extra
nourishment. Performing a nice face massage with your oil to further relax the facial muscles and promote lymphatic
drainage is wonderful too, you can either use your hands or by incorporating a gua sha or facial roller.

Can you talk us through your favourite rituals surrounding skincare?

I prioritise my facial routine to bookend each day, however I truly love my nightly ritual to help ground me for sleep.
I always light my lavender oil in my Addition burner and perform my skin routine, I then palo santo my room to
further ground me in the space. I also use my Addition eye pillow – this is a practice that immediately helps me to
switch off. 

What is the biggest misconception about plant based skincare/products?

I think there has long been an idea that plant based products are ineffective, or not as results driven as chemical-
based cosmeceutical ranges. However plant based products can actually be more powerful and transformative for the
skin. Natural and organic products have become much more widely used from a health conscious and sustainable
awareness perspective, as we become much more concerned and educated on the toxic load in what we consume, put
on our bodies and use in our homes. 

Any special tips for us that you swear by for glowing skin?

I feel this is something less tangible and more of a lifestyle. Drink lots of filtered water, reduce inflammatory
foods/drink (especially if sensitive to dairy, gluten + sugar), ocean swims and a dose of vitamin D, infrared saunas, ice
baths, liver support(eat your greens daily!) and most importantly cleanse and moisturise your skin every day!

Is there a playlist you love listen to, to unwind from the day?

I am truly an RnB lover at heart, but lately I’ve been loving playing the curated playlists on Spotify by Fenn Store for
an evening of relaxed facial vibes.

Can you share your recipe for the ultimate clay mask?

Clay masks are a mineral drink for the skin, and are so beneficial for many skin types and conditions. I love the
Addition Olive clay mask for it’s powerful detoxifying and brightening benefits. You may want to amplify your clay
mask by mixing with manuka honey, or mashed papaya for their natural enzymatic exfoliation, or try blending in high
quality matcha powder, which is super high in anti-oxidants!