Our Creative Director and Founder, Ryan Hanrahan, sat down with Assembly label to discuss work-life balance,
personal style and the upcoming celebration of Father’s day.
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In what ways do you strive for a work-life balance?

“I’m always planning for this, but to be honest it is super hard. My goal this year has been to have weekends off,
which I have reasonably achieved, however, anyone who owns their own business will understand that it’s pretty
much impossible to switch off from work-mode.” 

“In saying that, I can’t complain too much. I work with some awesome people and have great cafe’s next to us in the
industrial estate in Byron Bay like McTavish that we can have multiple daily coffee breaks at. I actually feel pretty
blessed with it all. I love work.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“I like things to be simple and functional. Things which aren’t visually clear and balanced give me anxiety. That’s sort
of a joke, but slightly true, and I guess why I do what I do. I love creating simplicity through design. I find it really
calming and get great satisfaction from it.”

What has the journey been like to fatherhood?

“Well, this is a question you will have to ask me next week, as we are currently counting down the days.”

“They say the female is a mother from the day she is pregnant, while the male becomes a father when the baby is
born. I believe this is the case. For me, it’s just been this 9-month race to set up the most organised work/life balance
possible to make the next step into fatherhood easier. Its been all function and organisation from my end, however
the thought of having our very own miniature human is becoming more and more exciting as we get closer to the due